Album Release Party - This Weekend!

Hello friends, and we hope you are doing very well. We sincerely appreciate hearing from so many of you on the latest album, 'Long Tongue Liars'. The big album release party is THIS SATURDAY, June 30th, at Dan Electro's Guitar Bar. 9pm, and we'll have our good friends from Brightwire and Randall Conrad Olinger playing as well. 

When we say we couldn't do this without you, we mean it. Every conversation we share, every song we sing together, any amount of time we have together - and as for this new album, this one belongs to you. You helped us breathe it into life. 

Now let's join together this Saturday and make the rock. Rattle some walls and fill the halls, and other poetic ways of saying it's gonna be a helluva party this Saturday night. 

Cheers to you friends - 
Rebecca & John

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