The Little Red Wagon

We were walking through the wooded parking lot at the Texas Renaissance Festival not long ago, minding our steps through the bog as it had rained quite a bit the previous day. It was sunny this day though, and the world seemed alive, bright and full of life. People were dressed in every kind of eye-catching way, some in full Renaissance garb, some as pirates, some as various kinds of animals that I couldn't name, and some as if they were headed out to their backyard to yet again cut the grass as another endless Texas summer held on for another week. Through all of this, a little Radio Flyer red wagon caught my eye, as it was being hoisted out of the back of a pickup truck. The wagon was carefully placed on the ground by the adults, and readied for its very young occupant to climb on board. The wagon was perfect in every way. It was a Radio Flyer, but the adults had added a small roof, supported with little PVC pipes that also served to keep the very young occupant safely contained inside. The roof was painted red just like the wagon, and inside the wagon, a shiny green steering wheel was mounted on the front, ready for the young driver that was soon to take the wheel. 

Some weeks previous to this day, we had been very generously given four comp tickets to attend this festival, as a thanks for some volunteer work we did at an Arts Festival. We couldn't use four tickets, so we approached this young family, complimented the perfect wagon, and handed them two free tickets to enjoy the day. We exchanged smiles as they realized this was a random act of kindness, and as we parted ways, the young driver of the wagon excitedly took his seat behind the shiny green steering wheel, and with a great big smile that the adults now wore too, fearlessly "drove" onto the grounds of that bacchanalian carnival that we were all part of that day. 

We are thankful for every opportunity we've had this year, for every moment of grace and beauty and difficulty. Most of all we are so grateful that you are in our lives.

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