HURRICANE HARVEY BENEFIT: Galveston's Own Farmers Market

Galveston's Own Farmer's Market, 2508 Postoffice Street, Galveston, TX 77550

We are heartbroken to see so many people affected by Hurricane Harvey. Families displaced, homes destroyed, lives up-ended - the flood waters have impacted so many people. The life of each individual human in this tragedy matters, because behind every face is a unique and beautiful story. We feel this in our hearts friends, because as you know from the very beginning of our musical lives together, we write and pick and sing because it matters. It matters because the shared experience of music heals and connects us, and during this time of tragedy we want to continue doing what we can to heal those around us. So for at least the entire month of September, we are donating EVERY dollar we make to the American Red Cross (Hurricane Harvey effort). That's everything we get in our tip jar, every CD we will sell, every download, and everything we sell off our website. It is the very least we can do, as you friends have given us so much support over the years. Thank you, and be well friends.