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Pretty Little Secrets: What have you guys been up to? 

“What have you guys been up to?” 
It’s the commonest of questions when we get the chance to reconnect with fans and friends. And for the last almost-eight months, our commonest answer has been, “Working on the album.” Our very favorite album to date, mind you, but we realize that we may sound a bit like—forgive the pun—a broken record. 

There’s unmatched joy in creating things, and we find this in a lot of areas outside of just making music. We’ve been up to a lot of other things that we often skip over in…

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'Pretty Little Secrets': The Production Process  

The production process behind the album 'Pretty Little Secrets'

This album is unique to any we’ve created before, and the recording and production process has been a mixture of everything we’ve learned along the way. There are as many ways to make an album as there are people making albums. Our process is unique to us. It’s DIY. It’s built from the ground up. 

This month, as we count down to the release of “Pretty Little Secrets”, we’re taking a look at the technical side of how the album was made. What…

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Pretty Little Secrets: What the Songs Are About 

We’ve spent the last several months recording and producing a new record that we are tremendously excited to release into the world. This album, “Pretty Little Secrets,” is the record we’ve always wanted to make. For those of you following us from the beginning, this will serve as a delightful follow-up to our first release in 2010, when everything was energy and frantic fire. We’ve explored a lot, musically and personally, in this last almost-decade, and we’re coming to this release feeling very…

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End of Year Party and a New Album! 

Hello and cheers to you, friends. We hope you are doing so well. 

Mark your calendars for Saturday, Dec, 15th at 9pm: it's our BIG HOLIDAY PARTY, our last show for the year, and we're doing a clothing drive for Houston's homeless!! We'll be at Chelsea Wine Bar - so clean out your closet, bring a bag of clothes to donate, and let's all pull together to help some folks and have a damn good time doing it. The best kind of rock n roll is that which unites us, and helps others in the process. 

In other news…

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Fall News and a Big Sale 

Hello friends, and we hope you are doing very well! Quick update from us as we head into fall. 

We've got a number of great shows coming up this fall, including one TONIGHT in Galveston TX at the Legendary Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe. We're kicking that one off at 8:30pm, opening for Kevin Anthony and G-Town. 

Next week we'll be in the Houston Heights on Friday Oct. 19th for a night of the blues, with Ray Cashman and Mark Holder. Then we'll be off for a bit, returning in November at the First Saturday Arts…

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Album Release Party - This Weekend! 

Hello friends, and we hope you are doing very well. We sincerely appreciate hearing from so many of you on the latest album, 'Long Tongue Liars'. The big album release party is THIS SATURDAY, June 30th, at Dan Electro's Guitar Bar. 9pm, and we'll have our good friends from Brightwire and Randall Conrad Olinger playing as well. 

When we say we couldn't do this without you, we mean it. Every conversation we share, every song we sing together, any amount of time we have together - and as for this new album…

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2018 - A Blues Album 

As 2018 dawns we find ourselves in the studio, working hard to record our next album. This one's a bit different from previous efforts, so we wanted to let you know where we're coming from, and where we're going. After all, you are so important to us. We sincerely appreciate the fact that we can share our artistic creations with you, every chance we get. Without you, as Rebecca says, we're just playing for the cats! 

In 2017, we recorded and released 'Road to Brownwood'. This album paid homage to the folk…

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Venues and Artists: We Can Help Each Other 

The topic of music licensing is one we have dealt quite a bit. There are emotions and opinions on all sides of it, and certainly we have our own. What we bring you today is the way we have found to work together, as venues and artists, to help each other out. The ASCAP (and BMI / SESAC) model of music licensing is a one-size-fits-all arrangement, where smaller venues are treated the same as larger venues, regardless of yearly income or the number of ears that will be reached by music playing in that venue. …Read more

The Grifters & Shills “Wedding Margarita” 

Served at our wedding, here is the recipe we used. 

1 bottle reposado tequila (we use El Jimador) 
1 1/4 cups fresh squeezed lime juice 
7/8 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice 
1 cup organic sugar 
kosher salt (optional), for salting the rims 

Make your simple syrup: in advance, heat the sugar with 1 cup of water in a small saucepan, stirring occasionally, until the sugar dissolves. Measure out 7/8 cup syrup and transfer to a quart-size container. Place in the fridge to cool. 

Cut and juice as many limes and…

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Marriage, cops, moonshine and a groundhog. 

(oiginally posted Jan. 4, 2013) 

So y'all probably know we're getting married...and we can't wait!! Here's the story of our proposal, and it really does involve the cops being called, a moonshine toast, and a groundhog. 

How we got engaged 


We had just finished our first national tour through the Midwest, rounding it out in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. The day after our very last show, we checked into a cozy little B&B that we have stayed in each time we've visited Eureka Springs. We wanted a day…

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