DEBUT: the cover art for FIREBALL!

Welcome to the release of this new album, and thank you for being here with us for the ride! Over the next couple of months, we’ll be releasing some background about the songs, the inspiration behind them, and interesting stories from the studio as we recorded them. 

This week, we are excited to debut the album art! Our extremely talented friend, Dan Torres, created this artwork, inspired by themes in the songs. After sitting with the lyrics and our ever evolving draft recordings, Dan took to the thrift stores, collecting miniatures. After playing with a few photo concepts, Dan hit on it exactly by piling them all in a shopping cart, a few items slipping out here and there. 

This feels so representative of all of our collective experiences and creative processes. We’ve all got carts full of souvenirs and artifacts that we’ve picked up along the way, some that we’ve dropped and left behind, all of which make up who we are and how we present ourselves. 

The ramshackle nature of the collection of items feels just right–this life is not a neat and tidy one, but there is joy in the pieces. This album was written during the pandemic, and many of the themes on the album explore uncertainty and loss, coupled with an indomitable spirit of hope. 

There are other details in album art that you’ll only see if you pick up a hard copy (CD, or vinyl in 2024). One of the key elements is a handmade miniature fire pit that actually lights up, courtesy of our good friend Chad Lyles (The Grizzly Band). 

We’re beyond grateful to have collected so many talented people in our lives. We could not have brought this to life without them.

Album release day is June 17th, 2023. Y’all join us. 
June 17, 1pm: LIVE at Cactus Music for an in-store performance
June 17, 9pm: RELEASE PARTY: LIVE at Shoeshine Charley’s Big Top Lounge, with the Mighty Orq


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