From the recording Blackjack Road


Verse 1
All my life I’ve flirted with the Devil
Never really more than just a tease
I’d look away before he caught me looking
Right before he brought me to my knees
So, Devil, consider this your warning
I’m telling you before the game begins
I’m not one for atoning or for mourning
And I will not be paying for my sins
Now I’ve got my cards out on the table
And I’m not gonna cast away my gaze
Because I know this time I will be able
To stand behind the things my heart conveys
So come on Devil, make your move, I’m calling in your bluff
Now I think I’ve watched you play this game just long enough
All my hope is riding on this hand that I’ve concealed
Playing on the weakness that you have just revealed
Verse 2
They say the hardest lesson’s in the knowing
I wonder if there’s nothing left to gain
My bleeding heart is quickly overflowing
With hate disguised as love disguised as pain
The stakes that I am playing for are weighted
And Devil now you know that there’s a catch
You panic as you realize you underestimated
Because in me you may have met your match