From the recording Blackjack Road


Verse 1
Got a funny feeling that I don’t think I could ever explain
They say we got the fever and I think it’s gonna drive me insane
Got me seeing double, and chasing down whatever I see
Something’s taking over now and I don’t wanna ever be free
Might not wanna come too close
This is something you’ve never seen
I think I could give you a dose
Of baby wait and see what I mean
Well no one is immune
You know I’ve seen it spreading all over town
Well there’s a bad case of fine tasting
Whiskey chasin’ fever going round
Verse 2
That whiskey fever’s setting in and I don’t wanna fight the disease
My antidote’s a round and a daily dose of nights like these
Running down the night in search of something nice that catches my eye
While up above that old fool moon is shooting stars all over the sky
Verse 3
These flames are raging hotter and I’m not sure how much more I can take
So dance with me to secret songs and help me get this fever to break
There’s no turning back now cuz it’s coming strong and hits like a train
I’m pretty sure I love you now if I could just remember your name