All lyrics written by Grfiters & Shills. All rights reserved. 


A mindless talking head stands on the altar 
the congregation basking in the glow 
Ain't no need to think or question what's the truth and what's the lesson 
he's here to tell you all you need to know 

He's selling what they paid him to deliver 
He'll show us all around this living hell  
We'll all die together on this sea of nasty weather  
It's a hard lesson learned, I can tell  

Most folks today think no one's the wiser 
we load our guns and do it all over again 
we'll toss and turn and crash and burn and never ever learn 
we'll end up spittin fire on our sins  

His evidence defies the face of reason  
Convictions lie below what he believes 
Holding your attention while the flaws were never mentioned  
The roots that grow from bitter little seeds 

What happens when you're left alone to wonder 
Pinned beneath the shadow of a doubt 
No line between creation and our homemade ruination  
No way to stop the light from running out 



Interrupt the night like the lights on the freeway 
leaving here knowin that I'm never going home 
waking up alone in the throes of a threeway 
calico kitten with a black cat bone 

breaking down the walls while they're building up their towers 
ain't now way to settle when a sinner steals a soul 
burn another bridge while you kill a couple hours 
pieces fit together but you'll never make it whole 

you gotta make a move 
you gotta make it hard 
with a last chance layin on the line 
music man told me once 
that his notes run sharp 
but it sure beats runnin out of time 

they try to turn your eyes from the road that's never taken 
playin out your hand carvin years into a wall 
cure a lot of ills with a false innoculation 
swear that it was worth it when the curtain comes to call 

gambled it away on the charlatans and liars 
never taking double when the deed is said and done 
pretty little secrets on a sacrificial pyre 
silent as a bullet that'll never leave a gun



Another round here we go  
I know your lies like the back of my hand 
Another night of never again, again 
Oh I know your lies 

Ooh you say baby 
Ooh you’re talking crazy 
Ooh you’re gonna make me 
Ooh fall again 

Ooh you say you’re sorry 
Ooh baby don’t you worry 
Ooh you never meant to hurt me 
Ooh once again  

Ooh gonna get my shotgun  
Ooh you’re gonna turn tail and run 
Ooh ain’t you the smart one 
I know you’ll do it again



Long time ago I had a friend who drowned himself in booze 
He had a broken heart he couldn’t shake 
Sank so low that in the end found nothing left to lose 
Guess life just got too big for him to take  

Sometimes the answers show themselves so gracefully 
Sometimes all you’re left is wait and see  

Let him be, let him find his own way  
There’s a whole lot more to life than keepin score 
The gig is up and life will set in someday 
And all this shit won’t matter anymore  

You’ll be the first who knew me when and you’ll show to see 
What i can offer you when I’m a star 
Don’t forget the kind of friend you thought that you could be 
When meetin me halfway was just too far  

Ain’t no way to fix the mess of plans you laid  
When you wake up lyin in the bed you made  

Ain’t your place to tell a man the way he oughta be  
No one’s buyin what you got to sell 
Reassess where you begin your help ain’t what I need  
Maybe you should give it to yourself  

There’s nothin left for anyone to do or say  
When the time is right to turn and walk away 



Got me a bed and a bottle 
But no one to care for me 
That man of mine made a backhand move 
And he took off for Tennessee 

Down to my last dollar 
And one more match to light 
Got a world of hurt waitin in the morning 
But tonight I'm feeling all right 

You know I'm gonna 
Get by, love it in the mean time 
Stale bread tastes sweeter with wine 
Take yours, baby I'll make mine 
Broke down but feeling fine 

Ain't worried 'bout tomorrow 
And tonight I feel no pain 
This bottle of mine'll keep me occupied 
Till I make it home again 

As soon as I find my fare 
I'm gonna catch that old east-bound 
Tell my mama I'm headed down to Memphis 
Gonna shoot that fucker down



I have seen you far away and I've seen you right beside me   
Seen you walk on water and and I've seen you when you're lying  
Seen you light the bluest sky and seen you disappear  
I always know it's you when you whisper in my ear  

Seen you break and seen you mend, seen you fight again 
crawl back from the ashes of when I knew you then  
No point in forgiveness for things that we've been through 
Just hope and pray that we might stay and we will start anew  

once again  
oh what's the point let's just throw caution to the  
once again  
you'll never disappear it's just you and me my  

I will see you through until the end, those ties they always bind 
every darkest night is broken with a new sunrise 
You blink and then you miss it, the chance to be alive  
I'll always think of you in the deepest darkest night  

once again  
oh what's the point let's just throw passion to the  
once again   
We'll never disappear it's just you and me my  

We've sung our final chorus and said our last goodbyes 
one more round's a guarantee that we will never die 
Holding on to promises we made way back when  
I'll always sit right here and wait for you to whisper then 

At the end  
You’ve never been this beautiful I know we’ll start again  
we'll begin   
I'll never disappear, it's always you and me my friend



Well we hightailed it down to the old corner store 
A fake ID and we got twelve more 
took the Detroit steel down the old two-track 
swore myself to god we were not comin back 
Ripping and runnin every way but right 
All we got left is one last night  

It was a long summer day and a hot summer night  
A south Texas Friday night fuck or fight  
Got nowhere to go and no one to see  
our own little private penitentiary  
We got ourselves thinking bout that old highway  

we gotta get away  

Flying down the highway in my two fifty five 
Wondering how we'll ever make it out alive  
Put it on the floor, don't ask her for more    
it's a redline mainline show-em-what-for  

Well we hammered it down and we made a deal   
In our straight-six fast-lane American steel    
The devil may care but we don't give a damn 
If we're in his heart or part of his plan   
When you're riding with me you're right at the shrine   
Give your heart to Jesus cuz your ass is mine  

We headed on down to the deadman's curve  
ain't a big deal with a little nerve    
to tie on tight and ride on right   
Walkin that tight rope day and night    
Runnin with the devil, keepin God at bay    

Well the west state line's just up ahead    
Gotta make a break when we're seein red    
No black and white gonna ruin my night   
Ai'nt no wrong when the road goes right   
And the one we're on only goes one way   

Flying down the highway in my two fifty five  
Ain't a livin soul that makes it out alive  
Pedal on the floor just give a little more   
it's a redline mainline show-em-what-for



We don't see many people here, but when we do we sell them fear 
have sweet dreams in the asylum, where there's always a constant hum 
just beyond the old nuthouse with boarded windows broken out 
the oak trees creep along the ground and silent screams make not a sound 

What madness breeds here? No memories are clear 
In the eyes of the clown, with this ship we'll go down 
So pet the mummy boy's head 
for luck 

it's a perfect little getaway, so take it in and look away 
we'll dig a grave just for you, don't thank us, it's the least we can do 
The ghosts of random soldiers lie, in the mud of 1865 
just beyond the iron gates of death-head stones there's no escape 

Our children grow to ten feet tall, and run like horses through the halls 
our trophies with their frozen stares, with crumbling eyes and tufts of hair 
the lineage has just one branch, of sanctimony feuds and rants 
the water here runs thick with blood, a family tree turned firewood 

cross the tracks and take a stroll, divided by the cotton boll 
we'll tell you of the carousel, of insanity and the road to hell 
fiery apparitions leer while hissing gospel in your ear 
you'll never change our crooked town, this sinking ship, it all goes down



well it's another day I sat here thinkin' that I might just give it in  
not much to do but wander through and wallow in my sin  
never much for drinkin' or any believin' there's life in the promised land 
just hopes and dreams like grains of sand I dropped from my own hand  

ooohhh, hit the highway ride  
ooohhh, gonna make it right 
ooohhh, hit the highway tonight  
ooohhh, let it ride  

I'm bored as hell trapped in this cell these walls of my own mind 
there's a building rage of fire and brimstone trapped in my desire 
I was born on the backs of bad decisions it’s all I’ve ever been  
I know it’s wrong I don’t give a damn I’m a serpent born to sin  

Well the time feels right to seize the night, throw caution to the wind 
no holds barred underneath the scars of road burn on my skin  
a graveyard stroll in the full moon light I can see with my own eyes  
no hole for me yet, so no regrets let's hit the highway ride 



I've beaten it down, ground it up, took a long drink from the sacred cup          
I asked you why, but you just cried, another day I didn't try                           
to blow it up, and who cares why, I won't stand your dirty lies                            
so walk with me in the desert sun, I'll leave you here when the deed is done           

What's wrong with you, is all they'd say, but I'd just lie and look away 
and make it right out in the light, but you just couldn't get it right  
so I'll take you out to the edge of town, you'll never make it back around 
I'll throw you down that wishin’ well, and send your black-eyed soul to hell 

I prayed to god this hell would find an end 
Ain't no way I'm goin back again 
Gonna face my trial of a thousand ragged miles 
I can't stop now, my hand's on the plow 
to dig the unmarked grave that holds the shit I never gave 

Promises you gave to me - now until eternity 
but you gave in and right went wrong, forever sure don't last that long 
So I thought it best to bury you down, face down in no man's ground 
and leave you be with your own kind, all the fools that went stone blind   

I've beaten it down, ground it up, took a long drink from the sacred cup          
I asked you why, but you just cried, another day I didn't try                           
to blow it up, and who cares why, I won't stand your dirty lies                            
so walk with me in the desert sun, I'll leave you here when the deed is done         



I started out a brave man, a hero to some 
but I saw it as a job to be done 
Served my time out on the line 
Where the wells would run dry 
taught my boys to fight when hell would come 

I lived free in the desert sun, doin what I'm told was ight 
slept out among the stars every night  
I was young, bold, carefree, and a master of my soul 
was a good life and a easy line to tow 

I thought I'd found my way home 
was free as the breeze to come and go 
their walls couldn't hold me, and my angel she told me 
I'm free to reap the seeds I will sow 

one night we caught a boy, he's the enemy I'm told 
We tied him to a board and watched him scream  
the boss said he'd kill the boy, that no one would know 
he wouldn't talk and he matters no more 

in a white rage of fire, I beat the bossman down 
made him look death right in the eye 
I saved the boy but god damned myself to a hell I'd never known  
a terror of the mind and of my soul 

they let me go with honor and my pride I suppose 
but I couldn't starve the demon in my soul  
now I'm 20 years out on the street, no place to call my home  
and I'll never see that boy again, I know  

I'd finally found my way home 
i'm free as the breeze to come and go 
Their walls couldn't hold me and angel smiles upon me 
I'm free to reap the seeds I have sown 



Waking up to the sound of the rainfall thunder calls on the wind 
a life to build, and instant to crumble and we'll never be here again 

dawn is cruel, lifting the shadows and showing the light of the scene                
all that's left is all you were holding falling apart at your feet 

a tidal wave starts with a ripple 
the surest commitment is sin 
trouble turns up on two nickels 
and hell and high water rush in  

all we have is all we can carry and a memory of all that we built  
nothing left but a few missing pieces and a hollow that cannot be filled  

the road is gone, the way home is washed out there's no going back where we came  
feeling blind through the fire and the fallout and looking for someone to blame  

we can't deny the truth in the timbre or the tracks in the mud where we've been 
but it gave us the fight, the will and the want to to tear out and build it again 

So let it all burn down around me as the avalanche finally digs in 
the wind will keep blowing but it can't take me lower than the dirt that my roots have been in 
than the dirt that my roots have been in



I stand on the corner, With whiskey and water, 
And a head full of come-what-may 
On a cardboard sign, I painted a rhyme  
on a brand new ordinary day 

My family lies down, in the hallowed ground 
In the mud of a cold winter rain 
And I turn to leave, My place on the street  
This dark and quiet refrain  

The last leaf has fallen, My sons and my daughters 
Where do we go, from here? 
The moon's all alight Its mountains so bright 
Where will we go, from here? 

You shined like love from a million suns 
You found your way down, to my place 
and I lie here in rags some still with the tags 
I hope this time you will stay  

But before I go, I want you to know 
there's always a better way  
where the waters run down and the trees make the sound 
Of a coming summertime rain



Wake up in the morning and I'm losin’ time, the ladder's gettin longer and harder to climb  
Ain't never got a nickel, sure ain't got a dime, they ain't payin’ me enough to justify 
This life of mine and yours and hers and his and theirs, it's 
An old crime  

Pickin’ up the pieces and holdin’ the slack, they'll fly you to the top but you're walkin’ back 
Up high on the hog and they're having a ball, but don't you worry none they're gonna keep it all  
Well this life of mine and yours and hers and his and theirs, goes 

Left Right Left 
Left Right Left 
Left Right Left 
Left Right Left 
Keep it goin’ in a straight line, doubletime  
Left Right Left 

They'll spin it all up and knock it all down, and say the devil done it if there's no one around 
Brush it off with a smile, hide the dirt on their hands, and give you all the glory just as quick as they can  
Well this life of mine and yours and hers and his and theirs, goes 

They're sayin’ there's a payout but they won't say when, and we're pourin’ down a double just to do it again  
You try to keep it quiet but it's just no use, there ain't no way to shake it gotta cut em loose  
From this life of mine and yours and hers and his and theirs, it's about  

All the preachers and the poets got nothing to say, the money stops talking when we're walkin’ away  
We're making up for time as we fall out of step, they'll finally get the message when there ain't nothing  

Left Right Left 


Well the latest reports got it all figured out 
and they're all saying this time it's all gonna change 
but we still hate each and we don't ask what for  
it's the very same shit with a different name  

Well it seems like there used to be somewhere to go 
Where the helpless were hopeful and the lost could be found  
Where we didn't give up until after we die  
But you know I can hardly remember that now  

We've created a place where we're willfully blind  
And the fight in the fury are lost in the sound 
Where the rich just get richer 
And the poor only die 
And we only look up when there's no one around  

Well it seems like there used to be somewhere to go 
Where the helpless were hopeful and the lost could be found  
Where we wouldn't be broken before being born  
But I'm goddamned if I can remember that now  

Well it seems like there used to be somewhere to go 
Where the helpless were hopeful and the lost could be found  
Where we didn't give up until after we die  
But I'm goddamned if I can remember that now