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Now & Then 
©2012 Westbound 

Verse 1 
Wise men sit and tell me 
About now and then 
But their words can’t calm my head 
When I miss you now and then 

Verse 2 
Years pass, they go on leaving 
I’m a stranger to my best friends 
But tell me, tell me it’s all right 
As I stand to say good night 

Words will always falter 
As time flies ever past 
Good night, my sweet lover 
I’ll leave softly, we’ll start again 
When we’re away from here 

Verse 2 
Night air and the cold ground 
Whisper gently, softly weep 
Candles blown to darkness 
Heavy hearts turn to sleep 

Verse 3 
Your voice in my head 
Whispers haunting words unsaid 
But tell me, tell me you’re all right 
As this cold wind says goodnight