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Whiskey Chasin’ Fever 
©2010 Westbound 

Verse 1 
Got a funny feeling that I don’t think I could ever explain 
They say we got the fever and I think it’s gonna drive me insane 
Got me seeing double, and chasing down whatever I see 
Something’s taking over now and I don’t wanna ever be free 

Might not wanna come too close 
This is something you’ve never seen 
I think I could give you a dose 
Of baby wait and see what I mean 

Well no one is immune 
You know I’ve seen it spreading all over town 
Well there’s a bad case of fine tasting 
Whiskey chasin’ fever going round 

Verse 2 
That whiskey fever’s setting in and I don’t wanna fight the disease 
My antidote’s a round and a daily dose of nights like these 
Running down the night in search of something nice that catches my eye 
While up above that old fool moon is shooting stars all over the sky 

Verse 3 
These flames are raging hotter and I’m not sure how much more I can take 
So dance with me to secret songs and help me get this fever to break 
There’s no turning back now cuz it’s coming strong and hits like a train 
I’m pretty sure I love you now if I could just remember your name 

Devil Make Your Move 
©2010 Westbound 

Verse 1 
All my life I’ve flirted with the Devil 
Never really more than just a tease 
I’d look away before he caught me looking 
Right before he brought me to my knees 
So, Devil, consider this your warning 
I’m telling you before the game begins 
I’m not one for atoning or for mourning 
And I will not be paying for my sins 

Now I’ve got my cards out on the table 
And I’m not gonna cast away my gaze 
Because I know this time I will be able 
To stand behind the things my heart conveys 

So come on Devil, make your move, I’m calling in your bluff 
Now I think I’ve watched you play this game just long enough 
All my hope is riding on this hand that I’ve concealed 
Playing on the weakness that you have just revealed 

Verse 2 
They say the hardest lesson’s in the knowing 
I wonder if there’s nothing left to gain 
My bleeding heart is quickly overflowing 
With hate disguised as love disguised as pain 
The stakes that I am playing for are weighted 
And Devil now you know that there’s a catch 
You panic as you realize you underestimated 
Because in me you may have met your match 

Makin’ Time 
©2010 Westbound 

Verse 1 
Well I work all day, work all night 
Don’t wanna stay, sit around and do right 
Gonna leave this place 
Gonna burn down the road 
Yeah me and the boy gonna head out 
Make time around the world 

Verse 2 
Got a good thing going got a traveling bone 
Shaking hands, a shade of grey 
We’re running down the tracks 
Lord that sun is setting fast 
And we ain’t turning back 
Ain’t no map to help me find 
My way back from your eyes 
My hands are on the wheel 
And your hands are on my thighs 

Got that engine growling when I throw that pedal down 
Thinking I could love you right and make you make that sound 
So come on, babe, the time has come to lighten up your load 
And ride that Devil’s Backbone down to Blackjack Road 

Verse 3 
Your heart said ‘No Trespassing’ 
On a rusty, faded sign 
But I said I ain’t asking 
And I’m gonna make you mine 
Permission is implicit by 
That baggage on the ground 
Ain’t no muddy road that’s ever 
Gonna slow me down 

Verse 4 
Some say blues is crying 
Some say blues is sad 
Some would say I’m lying 
But the blues I got ain’t bad 
This broken heart is whole again 
When we’re out driving ’round 
I know this time that there ain’t nothing 
Gonna hold me down 

As the Crow Flies 
©2010 Westbound 

Verse 1 
The winter’s silent air propels 
The black crow’s lonely song 
My laughter’s just as empty as my arms 
When you have gone 
The breaking in your voice betrays 
The longing in your eyes 
Another night is laid to waste 
And tangled up in lies 

Point by point, between two lines 
This tangled string of heart unwinds 
Seeking peace and finding none 
My black and white has come undone 
A greying thunder crashes from the sky 
As the crow flies 

Verse 2 
A crossroad step you have to take 
A trigger tightly wound 
It’s funny how a heart can break 
And never make a sound 
Watch the trees go flying by 
Together we’re alone 
Lost within the greying sky 
Where the sun has never shone 

And you’re black against the sun 
Blink before the colors start to run 
Slipping from my hand but holding on 
You’re still here but you’re already gone 

Verse 3 
Holding fast and letting go 
Forgetting yesterday 
My love if you will run with me 
I promise you I’ll stay 
The Gypsy woman tells the tale 
Of what this future brings 
So tell me where the shadows hide 
And where the black crow sings 

This Time 
©2010 Westbound 

And I want you to come home to me 
And I want you to be mine 
And I want you to come home to me 
And I promise things are gonna work this time 

Verse 1 
I don’t know where to go 
On this long and winding road 
I’m making turns I never thought I’d see 
But it seems that I’ll know 
If I only take it slow 
I’ll end up in the place I need to be 

Verse 2 
There are times when I think 
That I am all I need 
And times when I know that it’s untrue 
Other times it’s clear 
That you’re a part of me 
And I could be a part of you 

Delta River Line 
©2010 Westbound 

Going down to that Mississippi water 
Feel that muddy water running at my feet 
Gonna take my time down that Delta River Line 
Till I find a way to make my heart complete 

Verse 1 
Feeling tired as the train leaves the station 
Got a whole lot of worry on my mind 
Gonna head away, work it out another day 
Got a song to sing that doesn’t cost a dime 

Verse 2 
I can’t say how far this train will take me 
The whistle cries out but in my heart I know 
You’d count all the grains of sand before you’d ever understand 
All the reasons why I say I have to go 

Verse 3 
Counting stars as the moon starts rising 
Shadows grow as the sun begins to fade 
But everything feels fine I could go if it’s my time 
All my wrongs are right and all my debts are paid 

Somethin’ in the Water 
©2010 Westbound 

Verse 1 
Catch our eyes meeting 
Somewhere way down at the bar 
Tomorrow I’ll regret me letting 
Your hands get that far 
But right now there’s a fading haze 
That’s setting over me 
That shows you in a light that only 
Blinded eyes can see 

I think there’s something in the water 
It might be the tequila 
Or the bourbon or the whiskey or the gin 
Whatever bothered me before about you 
Doesn’t seem to matter 
I’m thinking I might take you home again 
Yes, I’m thinking I might take you home again 

Verse 2 
Everything is aching 
Like I woke up from a fight 
Gonna be a morning 
That reminds me of last night 
I kinda just remember thinking 
You might be the one 
Now I’m looking at you wondering 
What the hell I’ve done 

Verse 3 
Tomorrow night I’m heading out 
This time I’m gonna lead 
Cuz there ain’t nothing that you’ve got 
That’s nothing that I need 
You won’t even stand a chance 
No you ain’t gonna win 
I’ll forget about you 
Unless I catch those eyes again 

The Peppermint Song 
©2010 Westbound 

Verse 1 
I saw you walk in, I caught your smile 
The air had something, I watched it float awhile 
Well it ain’t easy babe, lord knows I’m tryin’ but I’m 
Caught up in thinking ‘bout how we might pass the time 
Every time I’m near you babe, it’s all that I can do 
Think I’ve decided what I’m gonna do with you 

Your neck is salty and your lips are peppermint sweet 
I’m waiting for you sweating out in the summer heat 
You name the time, the place, we’ll take off down the street, cuz 
Your neck is salty and your lips are peppermint sweet 

Verse 2 
My heart gets going when you’re by my side 
We’re taking off for one hell of a ride 
The night is dark but the sun will shine and 
The river’s long but the water’s feeling fine 
So take my hand you know that I’ll go anywhere with you 
Got me doing crazy things I never thought I’d do 

©2010 Westbound 

Verse 1 
Soft curls of smoke 
Rising from a fire 
Dancing on the air before they fade 
Everything that’s broken 
Takes my soul a little higher 
And we won’t have to face the night afraid 

Verse 2 
The persistence of a heart 
It always finds a way 
So tear it out and toss it in the flames 
Secrets fall apart 
But the colors never fade 
Burned a thousand times and yet it stays 

Torch the field and watch that smoke rising 
Here that thunder rolling on the wind 
I feel it this time 
The phoenix is flying 
The embers fade I’m feeling whole again 

Verse 3 
Darkness lies behind me 
Buried in the past 
Waking from asleep into alive 
These phoenix flames remind me 
That sunsets never last 
Shield my eyes as day breaks on my life 

Verse 4 
An unforgiving tide 
You’re caught up in the surge 
But the thought of giving up just makes you fight 
Where others may have died inside 
You will reemerge 
Shaking off the ashes in your flight 

The Closest Friends of Mine 
©2010 Westbound 

Verse 1 
Like the cold man clings to the fire 
Like the haze after days of drinking wine 
Like the rage that follows close behind desire 
Broken hearted are the closest friends of mine 

Verse 2 
Looking down at what all’s left around me 
Feeling like the well is running dry 
Reaching down into the truths that somehow found me 
Coming back with a cold hand full of why 

And I feel the greatest sorrow 
For every living soul that I’ve let down 
I know today will be just like tomorrow 
Edging closer toward the hell for which I’m bound 

Verse 3 
Where no one takes another soul for granted 
Where love is blind and everyone can see 
Where the trees of hope are fast and firmly planted 
There’s little chance that I will ever be 

Verse 4 
Resting after lifetimes lost to running 
Nothing’s come that I did not deserve 
Knowing that the longer days are coming 
That I still have my sentence left to serve