Appreciation for FIREBALL

This album is largely a snapshot of 2020–2021, a period when we had a lot of time to stare at the studio walls and decide how we really wanted to go about this whole Grifters & Shills endeavor. A lot of wonderful people inspired us during that time, joined us as we embarked on new experiments and welcomed us as we all started emerging back out and around each other. This record is for you all.

The Ferguson, Stoll, and Cox families, Sam and Kim Barker, Jennifer "JT" Holland, Michael Helfenstein, Willy T. Golden, Daniel Torres, Joel and Angela Mora and the crew at the Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe, Vic Giron and our Pondstock family, Elaine and Jeannie Holmes and all our Choice City Stomp family, Josh Nutting and our Moonrunners family, Casa de Avi and the Folk Shit Up festival, Travis Fields and all the echoes from the Westport Saloon, Allen Hill and the crew at The Big Top Lounge, the longstanding crew of Dan Electro’s Guitar Bar, Mike Sims, Jon Black, and the Black Magic Social Club, Bill Allen and the crew at the 5 Knocks Speakeasy, Brightwire, The Mighty Orq, Duane Mark, The Rock Bottom String Band, Whiskey Dick, Lara Hope & The Ark-Tones, Tekuache, Zach Tate, Scott Mithun, Greg and Kambrah, Brian and Liz, Paul and Sherry (The Weasels), Ron and Joyce, Jeanne, Tucker and Rachel, Joey and Kim, Marla, Dri and Layla, and everyone who tuned in to Thursday Happy Hour for over a year and-a-half and shared in our joy of bringing these songs to life.

The album was recorded and produced by the two of us in our little home studio. Dobro guitar on “New Year’s Eve” by Michael Helfenstein. Harmony vocals on “Live on Purpose” by Kim Barker. Pedal steel on “Why I Drink” by Willy T. Golden. Album art and design by Daniel Torres. 

Album release day is June 17th, 2023 y’all. Come help us celebrate. 

June 17, 1pm: LIVE at Cactus Music for an in-store performance

June 17, 9pm: RELEASE PARTY: LIVE at Shoeshine Charley’s Big Top Lounge, with the Mighty Orq


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