2021 - End of Year Shows!

Hello friends,  

In case you haven't heard, our year-end shows are THIS WEEKEND! We've got a very special treat for y'all - our good friends Rock Bottom String Band and Brightwire are joining us on both of these shows:  

Friday Dec. 17th, 8:30pm: Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe 

Saturday Dec. 18th, 8:30pm: Dan Electro's  

Both of these shows are clothing drives as well, as we've done in years past! Clean out your closet, bring a bag of clothes to donate, and we will collect everything and take it Star of Hope Mission to help our homeless friends.  

We hope you all are doing very well, and we're excited to close this year out with you. After these two shows, we'll be away from in-person appearances until early next year. And we have just two more livestreams on the books in the holiday season. Full calendar below, and we look forward to seeing you.  

Our very best, 
John & Rebecca  

Friday Dec. 17, 8:30pm: Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe w/Brightwire and Rock Bottom String Band 

Saturday Dec. 18, 8:30pm: Dan Electro's w/Brightwire and Rock Bottom String Band 

Friday Dec. 24th, 5:30pm: Happy Hour Livestream - The Christmas Show [https://www.facebook.com/griftersandshills/videos] 

Friday Dec. 31st, 5:30pm: Happy Hour Livestream - The New Year's Eve Show [https://www.facebook.com/griftersandshills/videos] 

Friday Feb. 4th, 9pm: Bryan TX: The 101 w/Joey McGee and The Great American Boxcar Chorus 

Saturday Mar. 12th, 7pm: Pearland House Concerts [http://pearlandhouseconcerts.com/] 

Mar. 17th - 19th: Dripping Springs, TX: Folk Shit Up Festival 2022 

Saturday Apr. 9th, 5pm: Lone Pint Brewery w/Brightwire 

May 6th - 7th: Chicago, IL: Moon Runners Festival 

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