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About Us

High lonesome heavy metal - amplifyin' and testifyin' for your soul.

His was hard rock and heavy metal. Hers was the classic sound of the East Texas piney woods. Theirs was a fiery collision, bearing forth a sound that was at once novel and instantly familiar--nodding to roots seated deep in high lonesome harmonies and back porch blues, while peering out at a scorched path bound by modern assertions and contemporary commentary.
This two-person, dozen-instrument act provides a show full of sound a fury, punctuated with raw, quiet vulnerability. Come welcome them as they bring you back home.


Our first all-original release since 2014. Published by 44 Stone Productions. Available November 9!

What They're Saying

"This duo spins a thorough tale full of clever lyrics and thought-provoking imagery." - All Texas 

"Well-played, well-sung, aggressive country-folk." - Amazon Customer Review 

"The subject matter on this generous fifteen song album runs from gentle love songs to intense murder ballads, each song a quite riveting experience; certainly not ‘background music!’" - Review of 2014 CD "Watershed", American Roots UK 

"Mostly a duo, but with occasional accompaniment, they record a country/folk style punctuated by enough attitude for rock fans who like a little twang in their acoustic music. Even the ballads keep some edge." - Amazon Customer Review 

"I don’t think I’ve heard an album that is as thematically reflective or as philosophical as this for a long time. It’s impact is multiplied by the fact that there is nothing forced, just a question of allowing the lyrics breathing space but ensuring the melodies are just as memorable. A beautiful album by a hugely talented duo." - Review of 2014 CD "Watershed", American Roots UK 



2019 VINYL, CD, and DIGITAL "Pretty Little Secrets"

2018 CD "Long Tongue Liars"

2017 CD "Road to Brownwood" 

2014 CD "Watershed" 

2013 EP "Trainwreck Junkyard" 

2012 CD "Now & Then" 

2010 CD "Blackjack Road"