Happy Hour Livestream

Grifters & Shills Facebook Page

The FIRST in our weekly series of livestream events, happening every Thursday at 5:30pm CT on the Grifters & Shills Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/griftersandshills

This week the theme is CLASSIC COUNTRY. We're pairing and recommending two drinks to go along with the music: the Classic Old Fashioned, or Topo Chico w/lime.

The pandemic of 2020 has upended everything we knew about live shows and life in general. We don't know when we can return to seeing you in person, and even when we do it might look very different. But there's one thing we do know - we can connect here in the virtual space, and share music, conversation, and drinks in an ongoing effort to preserve and build hope, the creative arts, and most importantly friendship and fellowship.

We started playing together more than ten years ago, and the journey from then til now had us learning all kinds of different songs to help us find our way. You know what we do now - our voice is honed and we speak through music with our original compositions and our unique look at the world around us. What we're doing here is going back in time - we are pulling up the songs that helped us find our feet. We haven't played some of these songs in years, and what we're going to do is group these old songs together in themed happy hour shows. One week will be the old country songs we used to play, one week the old folk songs, one week is blues, another week is rock, and another week is all-original, and so on. We'll pair a drink recommendation that matches the theme of the week, and we encourage you to join in. Make the drink, tune in at 5:30pm CT, enjoy the songs.

We'll work through this thing one week at a time. Thank you for being here with us on this journey - cheers to you, be safe, and let's have some damn fun and give the world a shot of hope.

Our best, Rebecca & John