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That Little Bass

It's a Goldtone Microbass, and it saves us from hauling an upright. Rebecca said that "it's either me or the upright" when we travel. So we got a smaller bass. I like it when she comes along.

The Martin Guitar

John has always preferred Martin guitars, specifically those with the satin finished top, and little to no appointments, inlays, or fancy things. Current guitar is a DC-15ME.

The Cigar Box

Three strings and the truth. Made entirely by hand, by Darren Brown in Nova Scotia, BC. - including the nasty low-output single coil pickup.

The Banjo

This one is halfway between an old time sound and that newer sound. White Laydie tone ring, but it's an open-back with a scoop. John's style is a little odd anyways, informed by country blues fingerstyle, with an attempt at clawhammer, but plagued by guitar techniques. This guy hangs in there with the best of em. 

The Archtop

Canadian-made, one of the early Godin models. Floating bridge and a P-90 pickup. We don't use very many electric instruments, but this one fits the bill when it's needed. It really likes a bright amplifier, so we're using Vox amps to help liven this guy up a bit.  

The Ukulele

Rebecca writes on the ukulele almost exclusively. She prefers a tenor uke with low-G tuning. This one was giving her feedback problems until we stuffed it with packing foam one day. Low-tech solution to a high-tech problem, which is really honest to how Grifters & Shills live their lives.