Q Bar & Grill w/The Grizzly Band, Isaac Hoskins and Brightwire

Q Bar & Grill, 930 S Mason Rd., Katy, TX 77450

Singin, stompin, amplifyin and rockin, and a birthday for Mark Potter in Katy TX. 9pm.

The Grizzly Band: The band, formed in 2008 in Houston's Buffalo Bayou, is primarily inspired by the talents of Bruce Springsteen, Johnny Cash, Social Distortion, and Jawbreaker. In 2010, their first album, “How Fast They Fade” (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon) was released. 2011 brought Grizzly their first live recorded album, “Drunk and Loud: Live at Rudyard’s” (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon) which captured the high octane live energy that they have become known for. “Victory” (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon) was released in January 2013 further strengthening their following.

In 2014, Altercation Records, Inc., a long-running punk label based jointly in Austin and New York CIty, announced the signing of Houston’s outlaw country-rock 5-piece The Grizzly Band.

Isaac Hoskins: Singer/songwriter from Denton, TX.

Brigthwire: After a couple of years of touring as a harmony vocalist with Samuel Barker, Kim Daniels (now Barker!) started writing songs and taking an active role in the artistic direction the arrangements of Samuel’s older songs. Then, as Samuel’s son, Ian, joined the duo on bass, it became clear that continuing as a solo artist made no sense for Samuel, so, Brightwire was born.

After a few months of touring and playing shows, Samuel and Kim got married on March 11, 2017 and have no slowed down since. Ian has taken on a few roles in various orchestra projects, which has limited his appearances in the live setting recently, but remains a vital part of the recording and artistic process for Brightwire.

Currently, the trio are working on their debut album and racking up all the miles they can travelling around the country playing their songs for anyone with an ear to lend.

Grifters & Shills: High Lonesome Heavy Metal. Amplifyin' and testifyin' for your soul. His was hard rock and heavy metal. Hers was the classic sound of the East Texas piney woods. Theirs was a fiery collision, bearing forth a sound that was at once novel and instantly familiar--nodding to roots seated deep in high lonesome harmonies and back porch blues, while peering out at a scorched path bound by modern assertions and contemporary commentary. This two-person, dozen-instrument act provides a show full of sound a fury, punctuated with raw, quiet vulnerability. Come welcome them as they bring you back home. NEW ALBUM “LONG TONGUE LIARS” AVAILABLE NOW.