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About Us

Grifters & Shills embodies American roots music. We give a nod to those who have paved the way before us. We keep the torch lit and keep paving.


Watershed (July 2014)


All original songs, featuring Max Dyer (cello) and Kevin Hardin (fiddle). Produced by Brad Sayles. Published by 44 Stone Productions.  Buy album

Track List 
1. Cottonwood                              9. First Came You 
2. Live Till I De                           10. One More Day 
3. Our Best Days                         11. Bought & Sold  
4. War Torn                                 12. What We Do 
5. Devil's on My Side                  13. Holding on to Letting Go 
6. Hasn't Happened Yet              14. Keep on Coming After You 
7. The Evil I Know                      15. Ain't Meant to Last 
8. My Garden, My Grave