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About Us

High lonesome heavy metal - amplifyin' and testifyin' for your soul.

His was hard rock and heavy metal. Hers was the classic sound of the East Texas piney woods. Theirs was a fiery collision, bearing forth a sound that was at once novel and instantly familiar--nodding to roots seated deep in high lonesome harmonies and back porch blues, while peering out at a scorched path bound by modern assertions and contemporary commentary.
This two-person, dozen-instrument act provides a show full of sound a fury, punctuated with raw, quiet vulnerability. Come welcome them as they bring you back home.

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An unapologetic landscape steeped in darkness and vice. Produced by Grifters & Shills. Published by 44 Stone Productions. Buy album

What They're Saying

"This duo spins a thorough tale full of clever lyrics and thought-provoking imagery." - All Texas 

"Well-played, well-sung, aggressive country-folk." - Amazon Customer Review 

"The subject matter on this generous fifteen song album runs from gentle love songs to intense murder ballads, each song a quite riveting experience; certainly not ‘background music!’" - Review of 2014 CD "Watershed", American Roots UK 

"Mostly a duo, but with occasional accompaniment, they record a country/folk style punctuated by enough attitude for rock fans who like a little twang in their acoustic music. Even the ballads keep some edge." - Amazon Customer Review 

"I don’t think I’ve heard an album that is as thematically reflective or as philosophical as this for a long time. It’s impact is multiplied by the fact that there is nothing forced, just a question of allowing the lyrics breathing space but ensuring the melodies are just as memorable. A beautiful album by a hugely talented duo." - Review of 2014 CD "Watershed", American Roots UK 



2018 CD "Long Tongue Liars"

2017 CD "Road to Brownwood" 

2014 CD "Watershed" 

2013 EP "Trainwreck Junkyard" 

2012 CD "Now & Then" 

2010 CD "Blackjack Road"